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22nd December, Cologne
Cello-Festival-Concert for and with Maria Kliegel


24th., 25th. and 26th. November, Frankfurt
Works for Cello and Piano by Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, Rachmaninov
With Nenad Lecic, piano

9.11.2017, International Women’s Club Bad Soden
Works for Cello solo
Johann Sebastian Bach: Suite 1&2
Violeta Dinescu: “Evening Prayer” and “Three Roses”

19th November, Oberwinter
Works for Cello solo and Cello and Organ by Bach, Dinescu, Bloch, Messiaen, Heller
With Christiane von Essen, Organ


28th October, Oldenburg
Works by Mendelssohn, Clarke, Rachmaninov, Mukle
With Nenad Lecic, piano

25th Oktober, Frankfurt
Professors Concert
Violeta Dinescu: „aspettare ed aspettare“ for Cello and Organ
Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonata D-Major
With Stefan Viegelahn, Organ

20th October, Cologne
Works for Cello solo by J. S. Bach

14th October, Mainz
ESTA Conference: About the education of musically high talented youngsters.


10th September, Matinee Cello and Guitar
Music by Albeniz, Brandt, Burgmüller, de Falla, Piazzolla
with Christopher Brandt, guitar

August 2017

28th July – 8th August Halle Euroarts Festival und Masterclass
1st and 2nd August, Professor’s concerts Works by Rachmaninov, Mishory, Janacek u.a.

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July 2017

4th July 2017 Hamburg, St. Jacobi
Works by Bruch and  Bloch with Gerhard Löffler and Martin Lücker

June 2017

23rd June 2017 Frankfurt, Adorno Lectures Concert
Works by Brahms and Webern
with Günther Albers, piano

11th & 12th June 2017 Children’s Concert with students of HfMDK Frankfurt

7th June 2017 Presentation of the teaching concept „Anerkennung und Differenzerfahrung“ Düsseldorf, Robert-Schumann-Hochschule

May 2017

20. & 21. May 2017 Cello-Masterclass, Conservatoire du Nord Luxembourg

13. May 2017 Fasanerie Castle, Eichenzell
Works by Robert and Clara Schumann, Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn
With Nenad Lecic, piano

New review for Barbara Heller chamber music CD here in Klassik Heute 

March 2017

1st march 2017, Composer's Portrait Concert Oxana Omelchuk, Köln

Hommage à CLara Schumann for Cello solo (2009 for Katharina Deserno)

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31st July - 8th August 2017 Masterclass  Euroarts, Halle

2st- 26th August 2017 Pre-College-Cologne Summer Academy, Cologne

1st/2nd September 2017 Masterclass Anton Rubinstein Academy, Düsseldorf

NEW CD:  Herbstmusik Chamber Music by  Barbara Heller Schott Wergo/Coproduction HR 

Listen to the complete  Interview with Katharina Deserno with music by Gretchaninov, Le Beau, Lang, Schumann in HR2 Radio!

November 2016

1.11. 2016, Frankfurt, HfMDK
Works by Gretchaninov, Omelchuk, Rachmaninov
Großer Saal, 19.30
with Nenad Lecic, piano

October 2016

30.10.2016, Rolandseck, Arp Museum
Works by Gretchaninov, Rachmaninov, Omelchuk
with Nenad Lecic, piano

9.10.16 Hanau, Festival Museumssalon
Works by Gretchaninov and Rachmaninov
with Nenad Lecic, piano

Review in DAS ORCHESTER about Gretchaninov-Rachmaninov recording here!

9.10.2016 Eichenzell

Works by Schumann, Brahms, Schmalz (Premiere of 3 Sonettes after Shakespear, composed for Katharina Deserno)
with Martin Schmalz, piano

6.10.2016, Kronberg
Works by Schumann, Brahms and Premiere of the new composition "3 Sonnette" for cello and piano by Martin Schmalz
with Martin Schmalz, piano

July - September 2016  

 "WOMEN CELLISTS and the Tranformations of discoursive conctructions of feminity", Book will be published at Böhlau publisher in autumn 2016
preview here

June 2016

Katharina Deserno's students are succesful an win prizes in several competitions students (Bundeswettbewerb Jugend musiziert, International Concours Flame de Paris, Mendelssohn-Competition Kronberg among others)

26.6. 2016 Frankfurt
Workshop with composer Barbara Heller

17.6. 2016, Frankfurt
Rachmaninov-Sonate g-moll
with Nenad Lecic, piano

12.2016 Frankfurt, HfMDK
Cello-Masterclass for young cellists

Mai 2016

23.5.2016, Frankfurt, Großer HR Sendesaal
CD Recording for Wergo/Schott with Chamber Music by Barbara Heller
with Gesa Lücker, piano and Susanne Stoodt, Violin

11.5.2016, Frankfurt, HfMDK
Musik Monat Mai, Education project 

1. 5.2016, Acht-Brücken-Festival Köln
Works by Dean, Tavener, Dinescu and Omelchuk for Cello solo and Choir
with Harald Jers and CONSONO

April 2016

30. April, Bonn, St. Zyprian
Works by Dean, Tavener, Dinescu and Omelchuk for Cello solo and Choir
with Harald Jers and CONSONO

22.4. 2016, Frankfurt, HfMDK
All Nations Projekt
Education project with students, children and young refugees from Frankfurt

21.4. 2016, Köln, Bechstein Center
CD  Release Concert Gretchaninov-Rachmaninov
with Nenad Lecic, piano

17.4.2016, Leverkusen, Friedenskirche
Brett Dean: Sparge la morte for Cello solo, Choir and Tape
John Tavener: SVYATI for Cello solo and Choir
Violeta Dinescu: "...e dopo continuiai ad aspettare e aspettare..." (PREMIERE) for Cello and Choir
Oxana Omelchuk: Homage à Clara Schumann for Cello solo
CONSONO and Harald Jers

12.4. 2016, Hamburg
St. Jacobi, Works for Cello solo and Cello and Organ
Premiere of two new compositions by  Violeta Dinescu and Barbara Heller
with Gerhard Löffler, Organ


6.3.2016, Düsseldorf, International Anton Rubinstein Academy

2.4.2016, Frankfurt, International Theater

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